One (brilliant) idea at a time.  

Equally enjoys the company of jeans, formal attire, or a cocktail dress. If you are looking for a classy and versatile companion or hunting for unconventional engagement ring, this guy may be it.


Diamond is the hardest substance in the universe, nearly impossible to break. It can only be cut or scratched by another diamond. Its beauty+durability makes it perfect for both, special occasion and everyday wear. 


Hand made using responsibly sourced 18K yellow and white gold alloys, and natural recycled VS diamond. Can be custom made in other gold colors. Please be advised that white gold alloy contains nickel. If you are sensitive to nickel, just reach out, and we can explore the alternatives that fit within your budget.


Huffington Post lists it as one of its unique engagement rings recommendations  (slide #3). I am no longer on Etsy, but the good news is -  you can still get the ring here!



SKU: R001G
  • 18K yellow gold

    18 white gold

    vsi diamond .22 pts