Hello and thank you for stopping by! I am Victoria (Vika) Bulgakova, the designer and maker of the jewelry you are seeing on this website.

I make all my pieces by hand, employing methods such as lost wax casting and fabricating directly in precious metals. Observing my own aesthetic response to the world and things around me prompts me to create a tangible manifestation of these experiences, translating them into precious metals and stones. The ultimate intention is to adorn the recipient with a piece of jewelry that becomes personal to her or him.

Commitment to the environment and fair labor compensation are some of my top priorities. So I repurpose all my materials and tools, avoid using harsh chemicals whenever possible (unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to totally eliminate them in jewelry making process), responsibly dispose of all my production waste, and ensure that my materials were ethically sourced. I personally hand pick the stones for each piece I make and work with lapidary directly when the stone needs to be custom cut.

As for my background, I was born and raised in Ukraine. I lived, studied, and worked in New York for 22 years. Before becoming a full time jewelry designer and maker, I worked as a classical piano teacher, paralegal, business analyst, and IT product manager.

I moved to Michigan in 2016 for an MFA degree and got taken by the raw beauty of Detroit. Currently I am an internationally exhibiting artist, officially based in Detroit since September 2018.

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